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When you Google, How do I clean my silver jewelry? You will find over 97 million results. Stocked with all kinds of Home Remedies (some listed below) and the latest and greatest of products. The real question is…… How do I clean my jewelry, Safely? Here at HPSilver we want your jewelry to last you a lifetime, to be passed down generation after generation. While many of these products and home remedies work, they are mainly based on some form of ammonia or acid (citric or other). 

Be sure to check out our fun how to YouTube videos as we test some of these methods. (Coming soon) 


Lemon juice and salt:     Take a mixture of: 1tbs. lemon juice, 2tbs. of table salt and 1 cup water.  Bring mixture to a boil and submerse your silver in the bath.  This may take up to 15 minutes.  Remove the jewelry, rinse with small amount of soap and warm water.  Be sure to dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth. 


Ketchup or Salsa:     Squirt a small amount on a paper towel, and rub gently over the tarnished areas.  If your silver isn’t getting shinier, let the ketchup sit for 15 minutes, then rub with a soft cloth and rinse clean.  For items that have textured details, as with some candlesticks or fancy silverware, use a toothbrush to clean between the crevices. 


Wow, sounding like a fiesta! Margaritas and Chips anyone?


Here’s a few more ways 


Window Cleaner:     Spray a liberal amount on the tarnished areas and polish dry with a clean cotton cloth.


Tooth Paste:     Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on a rag and polish your silver. Then rinse—and see how it shines! Use a smooth past as to not scratch the surface of the silver. 


Worcestershire sauce:     Yep, back to the kitchen! Worcestershire isn’t the best for silver jewelry, but it cleans your copper like magic, quick and easy. You can ether pour a bit into a small container to submerge the piece, or just rub it on with a cotton cloth.  After wiping it down, lightly rinse with soap and water and dry with a clean cotton cloth. Be sure to dry it completely or you will be starting the cleaning process all over again.   


Standard Silver Dip:     Generally found at your local jewelry counter at Wal Mart or other like store. These liquid dips are quick and easy to drop your silver items in. Let them sit for a few seconds and then rinse and dry. *note this will eat away at any plated items over time, exposing the base metals 


Tarn-X Tarnish Remover:     A quick and easy way to bring most metals to bright and shiny. Simply apply a thin layer and the jewelry with a cotton cloth, let sit and then wipe back off.

* Keep away from porous stones and patinas.


The truth is that any one of these methods can help to make your jewelry bright and shiny. Our concern is that they can also remove or destroy any of the artistic patinas or worse, kill the beautiful luster of a stone.  That’s right many stones such as Turquoise, Malachite, and even Opals and Pearls are too porous or soft for most cleaners. So while cleaning your beautiful stone jewelry, please use extreme caution, and pay close attention while working around the stones.   

Here at HPSilver, we clean a lot of jewelry, and because we use such diverse materials we have found that the BEST solution to jewelry care and cleaning is…..   

Best Solutions C5 Metal Polish, a 2 step cleaning product that not only cleans amazingly, its second part keeps your jewelry protected and slows the tarnishing process.  Best of all, it is safe for all of your stones and beautiful patinas. We don't only recommend this product, we USE this product.

Demonstration video coming soon.


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  • Cleans and Polishes: All precious and semi precious stones
  • Cleans all metals including Silver and Gold
  • Safe on Costume, Antique, and all other jewelry
  • Contains No Acid, Ammonia, or Abrasives
  • Environmentally Safe

 made in the U.S.A.