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Copper Collar Crazy Curl (CL.SOL.4025)

Copper Collar Crazy Curl (CL.SOL.4025)

This copper collar weighs 40 grams.  It measures just under 9" x 5 3/4" or 18 cm x 14 cm.

This collar is made of copper.  It is gingerly flexible to the neck. This copper collar is one of our favorite designs. This is one of those pieces that draws a lot of compliments. The round the back of the neck design makes it very comfortable and easy to wear.  Pendants can hang from it looks fantastic all by itself. This copper collar has a big bold look.  Copper is said to be absorbed through the skin.  Jewelry is a good way of taking in the small amount of the copper mineral needed.  Throughout time copper has been sought after as a healer for inflammation. Today many medical companies are debunking the therapeutic properties of copper, calling it a placebo effect.  Our customers have always asked us about copper and its medicinal qualities, and these are our personal thoughts...  If you believe something will help you, chances are much greater that it will help you.  We have a tremendous amount of power in our mind, let’s start using that to heal ourselves on the most basic level.  Many of our customers have shared their experiences with us of copper and its energy.  The stories are too great to dismiss its power so easily.  This copper collar is a tool for healing, affordable and is great looking. This collar has light lacquer coating.  Click here to learn about the care of your copper jewelry.  Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the effects of copper jewelry.  Click on the Mineral Properties page to see the metaphysical properties of copper.

*Please  note the weights and measurements may vary slightly from item to item as each is handmade.

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