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The Copper Stream Bracelet

The Copper Stream Bracelet

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Highlighting life's flowing current with the fluid folds of The Copper Stream

  • 15 grams
  • 7.5" L x 1" W
  • Pure Copper (Rose colored metal)
  • Jeweler's Brass (Gold colored metal)
  • German Silver (Silver colored metal)
  • Adjustable to the wrist
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Ships fast from USA

This copper bracelet weighs 15 grams.  It measures 1" thick or 3 cm.  

Copper and brass are incorporated & patterned together for a fantastic looking design.  This copper bracelet is affordable and is great looking. This bracelet is made with copper and brass wire and is slightly adjustable to the wrist. This bracelet has light lacquer coating.  Click here to learn about the care of your copper jewelry.  Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the effects of copper jewelry.  Click on the Mineral Properties page to see the metaphysical properties of copper.

 *Please note the weights and measurements may vary slightly from item to item as each is handmade.


Copper Bracelet (BR.HEC.4002)


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