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When it comes to jewelry cleaning and care, we choose the BEST Solution!!

This works great! Absolutely awesome on both silver and copper, while completely safe on your turquoise, opals, and pearls.

Best Solution Silver Gold Diamonds Costume Jewelry Cleaner 2oz Spray Bottle with C5 Metal Polish 2oz Bottle



The Credit card processors and Banks have had us under their thumb for far to long. High monthly fee's and so many other hidden fee's.

Square is a great alternative for all of your credit card processing needs. Brick and mortar or on the go. Square is easy, affordable, with NO contracts or monthly fee's.  

Process $1000 for Free

Receive free processing on up to $1000 in sales over the next 180 days on all card transactions. 



This is a great display that we use to show off our 12 designs of Silver and Copper Wire rings.

12 Fingers Ring Display Stands, Black Velvet 2 Step Ring Organizer, for Showcase Display 

Available on Amazon for: 

Price: $10.38 




This display is what  we use to show off our Unique Leather Bracelet designs.  

Black Bangle Trays With 21 Slot Inserts

Available on Amazon for: 

Price: $11.50




We needed to upgrade our 10' X 20' show tent last season. Old style was one of those 10' X 20' carport style tents. So bulky and took for ever to set up. 

So we bought one of these in White. AMAZING!!  So easy to set up, less than 5 minutes.  I am sure there 10' X 10" are just as awesome. 

ABCCANOPY  10x20 Straight Leg Commercial Grade Instant Canopy.

Available on Amazon for: 

Price: $399.95