Love the Copper Trend

Love the Copper Trend

Copper is trending.  We all love the warmth of color and affordability.  Here are some answers to questions that inevitably come from your love of copper.

Will copper turn me green?

Occasionally, copper jewelry can turn you green. It washes off easily with soap and water.  This happens when the metal interacts with sweat and is referred to as copper chelates. The chelates are absorbed by the body over time, and many wearers expect this to happen as proof that the copper is working with their body.  If you were interested in the jewelry as a fashion statement and do not want to turn green, simply coat the inside of the bracelet with clear nail polish.  Look below for information about how to keep you copper jewelry clean. 

How do I care for my copper jewelry?

Polishing copper jewelry is as easy as finding an acidic item in the kitchen. Lemon juice and ketchup are both said to be excellent for cleaning copper jewelry. Personally, I find those both a bit messy.  If you are looking for a cleaner for you copper jewelry from the refrigerator, Worcestershire Sauce is a suggestion.  Simply place the piece of jewelry in a small bowl and cover it with the sauce. Let it soak for no longer than 10 minutes. Use mild soap and water to wash the acidic cleaner off the jewelry and pat dry with a soft cloth or use a hair dryer on low heat. The piece of copper jewelry should regain its shine and look new again.  For jewelry with a patina finish we would recommend our favorite product called best solutions.  We found some for you on amazon and you can click on this link to the right to order it directly from the company.  With minimal care your copper jewelry will age gracefully with you and last for generations.

  • Jill Crozier